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Latest Version : 9/28

A lewd, 18+ h-game in which you mind f*ck your targets into doing your bidding.
You are Karma , a young man who discovers the amazing power to force others to do your bidding.
What will you do with this power? Anything you want.
****Warning: 18+ sexual situations****

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I can use the stuff in the room but I cannot see any of the characters, the computer (on a desk?), or the bed after the computer gets delivered. Everything seems to have fallen behind the main room. His arm appears a little bit when I'm at the very edge.
Cafe works fine.
Glitch? Please help!

The only way around this I've found is to exit the game, reload it and then load it up from the save file it made. That brings all the visuals back, however the kink appears to be broken as a few issues.

1. The girl turns bald.

2. There are no bars so I have no idea if I'm doing well or completely fucking up.